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New book of ornaments for use by sculptors and goldsmiths... NYPL

New book of ornaments for use by sculptors and goldsmiths ... Nouveaux livre d'ornments, pour l'utillitée des sculpteurs, et orfeures ...Created by: PICRYLDated: 1700
[Designs for door-knocker and key handles.]
Nouveaux livre d'ornments, pour l'utillitée des sculpteurs, et orfeures ...
Additional title: New book of ornaments for use by sculptors and goldsmiths ...
Place Term: Paris.
Publisher: Rapilly.

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Grande table; table à jouer; table à mettre dans un brumeau; miroir de toillette; petite table de cabinet; petite armoire de cabinet.
[Design for chimney piece with allegorical female figures on either side of mantelpiece.]
[Two designs, each with small fountain at the base.]
Trois diferents corniches. [sic]
[Design for doorway with two cherubs in projection above doorframe holding roundel with space for heraldric device.]
[Designs for door-knocker and key handles.]
[Design for half a ceiling decoration featuring panel with satyr and sleeping woman.]
[Five designs for columns or other supports.]
[Designs for tables with elaborately carved supports; designs of heads.]
Jacques Androuet du Cerceau - [Six designs for capitals.]
[Scene of woman in a bedroom holding a tray with a glass.]
[Designs for ceiling and tympanum, with roundels showing busts in profile.]
[Design for wall niche [mirror?] with chandeliers on either side; design for wall panel featuring Athena.]
[Design for a table and mirror with legs in shape of men and women.]
[Design for a ceiling decoration; scene of elaborately decorated interior.]
[Design featuring allegorical figures representing water, including sea gods pulled in a water chariot by sea horses.]
[Three designs with vegetal shapes and female heads.]
Petite pendule de cabinet; grande pendule à secondes; pendule propre pour une chambre; [...]
Jean Le Pautre - [Design for table, two candlesticks, and mirror.]
[Design for a ceiling with cherubs holding flowers.]
Medailliers, especes d'armoire pour serrer des medailles et bijoux.
[Designs for keyholes, doorknobs, pedestal.]
Diferent ballecons. [sic]
[Two designs; one with fountain, one with half-nude woman seated.]
Daniel Marot - Nouveaux livre d ornements pour l utillitee des sculpteurs et orfeures, [Title page.]
Ecritoire de cabinet qui porte deux chandeliers; commodes de deux desseins differens [sic]; serre-papier veu par le profil; [...]
Jacques Androuet du Cerceau - [Design for architectural structure.]
[Design for a chimney piece with scene of Neptune and sea goddess riding a sea horse.]
[Design for a chimney piece with roundel of nude goddess and child on mantel.]
Gueridon; bureau de cabinet [...]; torchere pour une galerie; serre papier veu de face [...]
Tabulata itionum; desseings [sic] des planchers des galleries. [sic]
[Three designs for wall panels.]
Pour burtois; pour ralissoires qui servent de burtois; pour ecussons a clefs; pour largetes a serroux; pour clefs de dedoeuure. [sic]
[Two designs for ceilings [?] with figures of humans, sphinxes, and satyrs.]
[Design for chimney piece with bust of woman and garlands above.]
Jacques Androuet du Cerceau - [Three designs for tables.]
[Two vertical designs separated by designs for urns supported by brackets.]
La terre.
Le feu.
Projet du sallon [sic] de la princesse Sartorinski en Pologne du côté des croisées.
[Design for half a ceiling decoration featuring allegorical female figures at each corner.]
Projet de porte d'appartement fait pour Me. la baronne de Bezenvaul.
Chambranle de marbre de la cheminée de la galerie de l'hôtel de villars avec les ornemens de bronze dont il est revetû. [sic]
Vue du même sallon [sic] du costé des glaces.
[Design for an interior wall with two arched doorways and wall panel depicting a group of women.]
[Design for mantelpiece and rectangular wall niche.]
[Two vertical designs featuring scene of cherubs by a lake.]
[Four horizontal designs of vegetal shapes and cherubs.]
[Three designs of heraldic constructions.]
[Designs for tables and urns.]
[Combined designs for a table, and nine designs for urns.]
[Designs for keyholes, lamp, gate.]
[Two vertical designs featuring cherub crowning a bust portrait with wreath.]
Plan d'une des extremités de la gallerie.
[Designs for two arched windows and doors, and one doorway with panel of Leda and the swan above.]
[Design for ceiling decoration with central oval panel.]
[Four horizontal designs with vegetal shapes and figures.]
[Design for chimney piece and mirror with two women and garlands.]
[Design for a ceiling with crowned heads in each corner.]
[Two designs; one with roundel of enthroned Athena, one with bible scene.]
[Design for a chimney piece with central equestrian portrait.]
[Two designs for chimney pieces of same dimensions but varied decoration.]
[Two designs for door and tympanum, of same dimensions but varied decoration.]
[Design for a chimney piece with roundel of group surrounding a fire, possibly a religious ceremony.]
Jacques Androuet du Cerceau - [Designs for cornices or entablatures.]
[Design featuring central arch and figures of cherubs forging a heart.]
Projet d'un trumeau de glace pour un grand cabinet fair pour le Portugal.
[Design for a mantelpiece and arched wall niche.]
[Design for doorway with decoration of bust of Athena and two cherubs.]
[Designs for urns, architectural structure with oval panel on top shelf.]