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Prior to the introduction of lithography, primary poster printing techniques included the Wood Block technique and the Intaglio technique. Lithography was invented by Alois Senefelder in Germany in 1796, but not utilized until the mid-to-late 1800s until the introduction of “Cheret’s three stone lithographic process.” Three stones were used to create vibrant posters with intense color and texture. The stones used were typically red, yellow or blue, which enabled the artist to produce a poster featuring both graphics and text using any color of the rainbow. The main challenge was to keep the images aligned. This method lent itself to images consisting of large areas of flat color and resulted in the characteristic poster designs of this period.

The first “Art Nouveau” poster was made by Chezch artist Alphonse Mucha who worked in Paris. Art Nouveau and Belle Epoque dominated Paris until about 1901. In 1898, a new artist took Paris by storm, who would later be donned the father of modern advertising – Leonetto Cappiello.
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A Voltaire: vêtements tout fait, vêtements sur mesure / / J. Chéret.

Advertising poster for a clothing shop showing a man wearing a suit inset into a view of Place du Château d'Eau, location of the shop.

[Balloon labeled "H. Lachambre," with two men riding in the basket]

Poster possibly advertising a balloon manufactured by Henri Lachambre whose facility is located in Vaugirard, a section of Paris, France.

Eden-concert, enl'vez l'ballon revue de m.m. Hermil & Numès, 17 boulevard Sébastopol, musique nouvelle de Tar-Caen / / Ch. Levy.

French circus poster shows two performers in the basket of an airship navigated by a rudder and a propeller. The basket bears the date 1884.

Bonnard-Bidault, affichage et distribution d'imprimés / J. Chéret.

Poster showing a woman with wings and a trumpet, and a banner bearing the name of the printers Bonnard-Bidault.

Glycerine tooth paste -- Gellé Frères perfumers 6, Avenue de l'Opéra, 6, Paris / J. Chéret.

Poster showing a woman holding a toothbrush and a container of toothpaste.

Mon motocycle est chez Lucien Adenot, au Grand Garage du Cirque Médrano / / Grün.

Circus poster showing a woman wearing masculine outer garments and monocle.

The horseshoe English and American bar, 1, Bould. Denain near the Gare du Nord / Abel Truchet.

Poster showing a woman dancer straddling a horseshoe, holding a glass in her raised right hand, with British and American flags in the background.

L'Etendard français, bicyclettes et tricycles / J. Chéret, 91.

Poster showing a woman riding a bicycle, carrying a tri-color pennant.

Casino de Paris. Camille Stéfani. Concert-spectacle bal / J. Chéret.

Poster showing Camille Stéfani with acrobats and jesters.

Don Quichotte, bouffonnerie équestre: Nouveau cirque, 251 rue St. Honoré / / L. Lefèvre, '92.

Circus poster for an equestrian performance showing Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

Pantomimes lumineuses: Théâtre optique de E. Reynaud, musique de Gaston Paulin / / J. Chéret, '92.

Performing arts poster for the first public performance of Emile Reynaud's Théâtre Optique in Paris, showing a dancing woman and a mime.

The Century containing...the new life of Napoleon, Christmas number

Poster shows a woman in an Aesthetic dress holding peacock on a platter.

Chateau aérien. Ballon captif à cloisons étanches, système Tobiansky. Exposition universelle 1894.

Belgian poster shows an air station suspended by a captive balloon at the 1894 world's fair in Antwerp, Belgium. Advertises Alfred Tobiansky d'Altoff's patented device for moving passengers from a platform on t... more

Rayon d'or, dernier mot de l'eclairage / Pal.

Poster showing a nude woman with gossamer wings reaching toward the light of a star and a Rayon d'Or light fixture.

Sapho: Théâtre de l'Opéra-Comique / / PAL.

Performing arts poster for a performance of a comic opera by Henri Cain and Arthur Bernède, with music by Jules Massenet and based on a novel by Alphonse Daudet, showing Emma Calvé as Fanny LeGrand.

Imprimez vous mème 3000 copies sans manipulation avec l'automatique à billes Eyquem / PAL.

Poster showing a woman working in an office using an Eyquem printing machine to make 3000 copies of a document.

Le Frou Frou 20', journal humoristique / L Capiello.

Poster showing a can-can dancer holding a copy of "Le Frou Frou" while she dances.

Amandines de Provence. Biscuits H. Lalo / L. Cappiello.

Poster showing a woman eating almond cookies.

Le petit coquin, dessert exquis / L. Cappiello.

Poster showing a girl eating a cookie as a parrot watches.

Absinthe extra-supérieure J. Édouard Pernot. Société Anonyme Montbéliard (Doubs) Liqueur Mont-Christ / / L. Cappiello.

Poster showing a man and woman at a cafe, he smiles and watches as she tastes his drink.

Pâtes aux œufs et aux légumes. Nouilles, macaronis. Ferrari, Opéra, Paris / L. Cappiello.

Poster for noodles and pasta, showing a number of celebrities, each identified, some holding packages of the product.

Chaque piéce d'or apporté á la banque avance d'une heure la victoire finale

Soldier with one hand on clock, the other holding a gold coin.

Économisons le pétrole, l'essence / Marie Louise Jeanningros, 13 ans.

Poster showing gas containers of different sizes.

L'impérial cambrioleur

Crown Prince, Wilhelm, (1882-1951) stealing and placing valuable items from the 'Chateau de Baye' in crates.

Ohé! Les braves gens . . . Versez votre or nous versons bien notre sang . . .

Soldier shouting, standing and holding a rifle near barbed wire fence.

Lire dans L'Evenement. Coeurs virils . . . par Gabriel Mauriére

A nurse making an appeal to a wounded French soldier. In the background is Rheims Cathedral burning.

Orphelinat des armée / Frank Brangwyn.

Poster showing a mother resting her head on an empty table in despair, as her children look on.

La journée du Poilu. 25-26 décembre 1915. Avec vous et par vous, nous jurons de sauver la France. Léon Gambetta

Two French soldiers, one sitting down and going through a small box of supplies sent from home. Léon Gambetta (1838-1882) was one of the founders of the Third Republic and was regarded as one of the heroes of t... more

The Y.M.C.A. motor kitchen in France / Edgar Wright.

Poster showing a truck fitted out as a YMCA canteen, serving soldiers, with smoke rising from battlefields in the distance.

Orphelinat des armée / Frank Brangwyn.

Poster showing mothers and children in a cemetery, with lilies blooming.

For the French Red Cross. Please help. July 14. France's day, in aid of the French Red Cross / Forestier ; W.H. Smith & Son, The Arden Press, Stamford Street, London, S.E.

Poster showing a Red Cross nurse with arms extended, as others tend to wounded soldiers, under the flags of France and the Red Cross.

Journée de Paris. 14 Juillet 1915 au profit des oeuvres de guerre de l'Hôtel-de-Ville. Pour les combattants . . .

A woman holding a baby in her arm and holding a collection cup in her hand. At the bottom is a sketch of a French soldier.

Exposition des oeuvres des artistes originaires des Départements envahis. École des Beaux-Arts

Three artists, the sculptor Chavaillaud, the sculptor Engrau, and the painter Grangérard are fleeing the invaded territory with their art works.

The Y.M.C.A. A dug-out in France / Edgar Wright.

Poster showing a sandbag shelter, a YMCA canteen, with soldiers relaxing out front with cups of coffee.

Journée du Poilu. Organisée par le Parlement

A young girl in a Red Cross nurse's uniform and a small boy wearing a red cap, carrying a collection cup and selling medals - 'So that Papa may come on leave, if you please.'

Journée du Calvados. 15 aoôt 1915. Au profit des oeuvres de guerre du Département

A woman holding a collection cup with scenes of soldiers going into battle in the background.

Pour la France versez votre or. L'or combat pour la victoire

A large gold coin with the Gallic cock on it crushing a German soldier.

Comité de L'Or du Département du Rhöne pour la patrie versez votre or

Shells and gold coins heading towards a German soldier on the battlefield. In 1914, the French were 'invited' to exchange their gold for paper. Gold was needed to pay for foreign imports.

Salon des Armées, réservé aux artistes du front. Au profit des oeuvres de guerre. Jardin des Tuileries

A soldier holding a small wooden statue of winged victory that he has been carving. In 1916, the Ministry of Beaux-Arts and the Ministry of War promised artists serving in the war, that their work would be ... more

1916. 'La Triennale.' Exposition d'art français au profit de la 'Fraternité des Artistes'

In the background is a man ploughing with a team of oxen. In front of the oxen is Marianne [Victory?] who is carrying an olive branch. A poilu in the foreground is looking at this scene.

On les aura! 2e Emprunt de la Défense Nationale. Souscrivez

A French soldier with gun in one hand, and the other raised urging his comrades on. This was the most remembered French poster produced during the war.

Croix-Rouge française. Union des Femmes de France. Vente de guerre

In the foreground is a large Red Cross flag. In the background is a silhouette of a battlefield.

Venez en aide aux soldats Alsaciens-Lorraines.

Two men, one in a soldier's uniform, the other in civilian clothing carrying a uniform. The men are waving to two girls (Alsace and Lorraine).

On les aura! 2e Emprunt de la Défense Nationale. Souscrivez

A French soldier with gun in one hand, and the other raised urging his comrades on. This was the most remembered French poster produced during the war.

Le gala des marins de France . . . á la Comédie Française

A marine and a soldier standing on land with the sea in the background.

Soldat, la patrie compte sur toi; garde lui toutes tes forces. Résiste aux séductions de la rue . . .

At the left is a soldier embracing a woman 'of the street.' At the right is a man sitting in front of a hospital and at the bottom is a skull and crossbones.

2me Emprunt de la Defense Nationale

People bringing money to the feet of La Marseillaise and Marianne.

Réservez le vin pour nos poilus / Suzanne Ferrand.

A jug of wine surrounded by bunches of grapes and a cup filled with wine next to it.

Emprunt française on souscrit á la Société Centrale des Banques de Province

Title framed by provincial coats-of-arms; a rooster (Gallic cock) is at the bottom.

2éme Emprunt de la Défense Nationale. Souscrivez, aidez-nous á vaincre, vous hâterez le jour de la victoire et du retour au foyer

A soldier sitting on a grassy embankment. In the background is a scene of his village with children and wounded or old soldiers.

Exposition des dons américains . . .

Two French women, one from Alsace and one from Lorraine, making floral wreaths.

Le bon feu 1914-1915-1916. N'oubliez pas ceux qui ont froid

A man and a woman, wrapped in blankets, seated and standing, respectively, near an empty fireplace. This was a campaign to supply those at home, particularly older people, with wood or coal for heat.

Columbia calls--Enlist now for U.S. Army / designed by Frances Adams Halsted ; painted by V. Aderente.

Columbia holding a flag and a sword while standing on top of a globe, with text of poem by Halsted "Columbia Calls."

Cultivons notre potager / Louisette Jaeger, 14 ans.

Picture of carrots, cabbage, and potatoes.

Munissez vous de monnaie! Les Foyers du soldat

A soldier dropping his things on the floor at the Y.M.C.A.

Souscrivez pour la victoire. Banque Nationale de Crédit

'Victory' flying over the battlefield and bringing the allies into the war.

Le Secours de Guerre

Translation of title: Policemen, soldiers, and civilians standing outside the Ancien Séminaire St. Sulpice which houses Le Secours de Guerre (the relief agency for war victims).

Journée Varoise. 4 février 1917. Au profit exclusif des Oeuvres de Guerre du Département

A soldier with a woman (Provence) strolling in the countryside, another woman looks on.

L'Emprunt des 'Dernières Cartouches.' Français, encore un effort . . . !

A man and a little girl in a trench handing a box of cartridges and a grenade up to a soldier who is on the front line.

The Frenchwoman in war-time

Scene depicting French women in war-time. One woman is working in a factory, one is nursing her child, and another woman is hoeing in the field. In the background is an outline of Victory. French women made up ... more

[Emblem of France and Great Britain] / EHB ; M. Rusling Wood, Litho., N.Y.

Poster showing personifications of France and Great Britain, depicted in profile within a circular border.

La guerre et les humoristes. Exposition . . .

A caricature of a person, with pointed ears and wings, holding a large pair of scissors.

Emprunt National 1917. Bonbright et Co. Paris

An officer on horseback is leading troops of French foot soldiers past a statue of the personification of Strasbourg.

Exposition du 1er au 30 octobre 1917 . . . organisée par la Ligue Souvenez-Vous . . . documents, photographies, affiches, . . . aux crimes allemands

A German soldier escorting an unhappy group of people through the streets. The Germans deported more than 120,000 Belgians back to Germany, and relocated about 20,000 French within the invaded French territories.

Achetez le timbre antituberculeux

A nurse watching children playing outdoors.

Pour le drapeau! Pour la victoire! Souscrivez à l'emprunt national . . . Banque nationale de crédit

Marianne holding a sword and the tattered French flag (the tricolor) while French troops march behind her.

République Française. 3e Emprunt de la Défense Nationale

Marianne standing on a globe surrounded by flags.

Vous aussi faites votre devoir : avec toutes vos ressources souscrivez á l'Emprunt. Crédit Commercial de France

Peasant couple in field. Man is ploughing and the woman is holding a baby and a rifle.

Foire France-Américaine de Saint-Sulpice. Le Secours de Guerre

Four allegorical figures: Justice, Liberty (who is holding the American flag), Demeter, and Athena above Saint Sulpice.