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Indian Scenes

Indian Scenes, 1780-1850Created by: PICRYLDated: 2016
Female spinner in front of white building
Indian Mica Drawings, Scenes, 1780-1850
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Festival procession, 4 carrying white temple on litter, and 2 musicians
Two elephants pulling elaborate carriage,  with mahouts and attendants
Aristocrat in green palanquin, accompanied by four bearers and a servant
Casket with 4 bearers, 2 aristocrats leading procession
Man plowing field with two oxen, four small buildings in the background
Aristocrat and porter
3 men holding another man down to ground
Aristocrat in white costume seated in green palanquin, carried by four bearers
Oxen-drawn green and pink carriage with female passenger, driver and servant
Elephant with caparison and howdah. Mahout in white robe and attendants, buildings in the background
3 toddy gatherers(?) and 1 woman drinking and resting in front of small building
Seated female salt merchant in red sari
Snake charmers, 3 men and 1 woman
Man carrying bundle, and pack donkeys
Male dancer in white costume, with 5 male onlookers
Six servants standing around green palanquin on the ground
Hunting scene, leopard attacking one of two elephants, howdahs, mahouts
4 men and 2 oxen working in the fields
Green wagon with yellow windows, driver in white robe, pulled by 2 white oxen
Closed green palanquin with umbrella, male passenger, four bearers in red robes, and one attendant
Man in white robe leading elephant with mahouts, green howdah, and 2 passengers
Horse-drawn two-wheeled carriage with blue wheels
Camel and rider in white robe, with two white buildings and figures standing in the background
Funereal procession, red palanquin with reclining figure, 6 bearers and 3 attendants
Open litter with male passenger, umbrella, four bearers, and two attendants
Barber shaving a man's head bald, one onlooker, white building in the background
Hunting scene, leopard attacking one of two elephants, howdahs, mahouts
Toddy gatherers in landscape with palm trees
Red draped litter with female passenger, 2 carriers, and female attendant in yellow sari
Musical procession of 3 men with instruments, leading towards large white temple on a hill
Two men leading 3 black bears
Aristocrats (9 men) standing on dais with ornate rugs
Elabroate red carriage with 5 attendants, drawn by 6 elephants with 6 mahouts
Three men on river structures with ladders and levers
Temple and wall, with elephant and mahouts in the foreground
Two women spinning white threads
2 male musicians and 4 dancing/playing girls with sticks in circle
3 men with cudgels, a woman and a man in their grips
Festival procession, Hanuman/green monkey god figure on litter, with 8 bearers, and 2 others leading, making offerings
Camel rider in blue robe
Chariot festival procession with red and black chariot drawn by dozens of men, with attendants
Female spinner in front of white building
River festival procession of floating green barge with red temple, polers, musicians, aristocrats, attendants, and white temple in background
Man and seated woman in front of three small buildings
Seated blacksmith surrounded by tools
Festival procession with idol inside white temple structure borne on litter by 8 men, robed attendants, musicians, men in animal costumes
Hunting scene, rider on horse with white dog charging boar
Green wagon pulled by two white oxen, driver in white robe
4 aristocrats and 2 servants, standing on dais with ornate rugs
Seated female fishmonger in pink sari
Woman in white sari, carrying basket of greens on head
Seated male food vendor roasting meat on spit,  fanning flames
2 white oxen in red coverings drawing green carriage with driver, female passenger in green dress, and 1 attendant
Man with white ox wearing sidebags
Male servant/cook holding pot in front of stove
Funeral pyre set afire by male servant in white dhoti, 5 seated servants observing
Seated male potter with pottery wheel
Male servant with straw broom
Two women sitting in front of baskets, on black rug in front of white building
Man carrying bundle on head, held by rope
Musician with stringed instrument in white shirt and green belt
Servant/toddy gatherer, puring white liquid into blue barrel
Seated male silversmith/jewelrymaker in front of small jewellry and tools
Man in white ironing behind table
Musician with stringed instrument in white shirt with red belt
Musician with percussion instruments supported in red belt
Dancing girl in green skirt, blue hat and pink scarf, left arm raised
Dancing girl in purple skirt and red scarf, right arm extended
Woman with rake or brush
Seated male emroiderer on blue striped rug
Man in white dhoti with two orange bundles on stick over shoulder
Male miller with two oxen, seated man in the background
Festival procession with Hanuman/green monkey god figure on litter, 8 bearers with shaved heads, attendants, and a crowd of onlookers making ofeerings
Woman in red sari, arms at sides
Four female laborers washing in front of white building
Dancing girl in white skirt and blue scarf, right arm raised
Woman in red and green sari, pointing with right hand
Festival procession, musicians and white robed attendants bearing green litter with elaborate white canopy, carrying a man and a woman
Servant with straw broom
Man in white clothes, red pants and green belt
Man in white dhoti and red hat, carrying flat basket of greens in arm
Male servant ironing on table
Seated male carpenter sawing a wood board, with tools on the ground
Man in white dhoti with green belt and red hat
Seated female fishmonger (the top of her sari is not painted)
Man in white clothes with green sack on shoulder, holding cup
Horse drawn two-wheeled white carriage with driver and male passenger
Black palanquin with male passenger, four bearers in red coats following  two attendants with spears
Servant carrying basket and cutlery
Mahout on knealing black elephant with empty yellow howdah and blue ladder
Servant with covered serving dish in striped belt and hat
Seated male food vendor roasting meat on spit, fanning flames
Servant carrying a basket and cutlery, in striped belt and hat
Seated female fruit vendor in white sari holding a balance
Green palanquin borne by 8 men with 4 attendants
Male servant in white clothes with striped belt, blue hat, and orange dhoti
Woman in red sari with basket on head
Seated male carpenter sawing a board, with tools on the ground
Woman in white sari carrying green bundle on head
Male servant in blue hat, carrying white hourglass dish/service  vessel

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