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German World War I Posters

German Wold War I Propaganda Posters, 1914-1919
Alte Frontsoldaten ... Das Vaterland is in Gefahr! Eile tut not! / R. Pohle, 1919.
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Zeichnet 7. Kriegsanleihe / Alfred Offner.

Poster shows soldiers and their weapons behind a barricade of Austrian coins. Text: Subscribe to the 7th War Loan, Vienna Commercial Bank.

Weihnachten im Feld! 1914. Spendet Liebesgaben für unsere Krieger! / AM.

Poster shows a Christmas tree decorated with candles in front of a red cross. Text: Christmas in the field! 1914. Donate gift packages for our warriors!

Fest steht und treu die Wacht am Rhein / Horst Schülze, 1914.

Poster shows two soldiers, one enlisted holding a flag, the other an officer drawing his sword, standing astride German land near the Rhine River. Text: The watch on the Rhein remains firm and loyal.

Das ist der Weg zum Frieden -- die Feinde wollen es so! Darum zeichne Kriegsanleihe! / Bernhard.

Poster shows a clenched, ironclad fist. Text: That's the way to peace -- the enemy wants it that way! Therefore subscribe to the War Loan.

Ludendorff-Spende für Kriegsbeschädigte / Ludwig Hohlwein, München.

Poster shows a wounded German soldier holding tools in one hand and a crutch in the other. Text: Ludendorff Fund for War Disabled.

Unser Kaiser an sein Volk / E. Kaempster.

Poster shows St. George slaying a dragon. Text, under heading "Our Emperor to his people" is a proclamation issued by Kaiser Wilhelm II on July 31, 1914, concerning the advent of war, the coming struggle, and t... more

Kriegsanleihe zeichnen! / LO.

Text: Subscribe to the War Loan!

Mitbürger! Sammelt leere Mineralwasserflaschen

Poster shows a Red Cross nurse giving a wounded soldier a glass of water. Text asks people to collect empty mineral water bottles and donate them to the Red Cross.

Zeitung der 10. Armee / A. Saulweber.

Poster shows a soldier sitting reading the newspaper. Text: Newspaper of the 10th Army.

Spende für bayerische Soldatenheime / Stuck.

Poster shows a German soldier seated by a stove and warming his hands. Text: Contribute for Bavarian Soldiers' Homes.

Wir schlagen sie und zeichnen Kriegsanleihe!

Print shows two tanks on rough terrain, firing at unseen enemies as shells burst above them. An appeal for financial contributions to the war effort.

Kriegsanleihe zeichnen! / LO.

Text: Subscribe to the War Loan!

Hier zeichnet man die Kriegsanleihe / Bernhard.

Text: You can subscribe to War Loan here. Closing: Oct. 18, 1 pm.

An das deutsche Volk! ... Hellflammende Entrüftung und heiliger Orn werden jedes deutschen Mannes und Weibes Kraft verdoppeln ... Wilhelm I.R. / Franz Stassen.

Poster shows a Valkyrie(?) and the German Imperial eagle protecting the German people. Text is a statement from Kaiser Wilhelm concerning the war and encouraging each German to contribute in their own way to th... more

Zeichnet Kriegsanleihe! Wiener Bank-Verein / Rauch.

Poster shows a medieval drummer before a walled city. Text: Subscribe to the War Loan! Viennese Bank Association.

Bis zum letzten Hauch ... / Bernhard.

Poster showing an eagle perched on a German flag.Text encourages people to donate to the war fund on the anniversary of the Battle of Tannenberg.

Ausstellung Bayerischer Kriegsbeute zu gunsten des Roten Kreuzes / SvF.

Poster shows an armor breast plate and helmet; in background a display of flags marked RF (Républque Franc̦ais). Text announces an exhibit of Bavarian war spoils to benefit the Red Cross.

Zum Besten der Kriegsnotspende ... drei mittelalterliche Volksspiele ... Spiel vom Sündenfalle, Totentanz, Theophilus der Urfaust ... / H. Lehmann.

Poster shows head of a man wearing a medieval(?) head covering and a robe(?). Text is advertisement for a theatrical performance of three popular medieval plays (mystery plays?), The Fall from Grace; Dance of D... more

Annahmestelle der Ludendorff-Spende / Bernhard.

Poster announcing that donations for the Ludendorff Fund are accepted at this location.

Bulgaren-Held; Zigarettenfabrik Menes, Wiesbaden / Ludwig Hohlwein, München.

Poster shows a German soldier smoking. Poster is an advertisement for cigarettes produced by Menes Cigarette Factory, Wiesbaden, Germany.

Momentaufnahme von Europa und Halbasien 1914 / W. Kaspar fec.

Print shows a map of Europe at the time of World War I with each country depicted as caricatures of their military, attitudes, or customs, in some cases as civilians or animals, for instance, England is represe... more

Zeichnet Kriegsanleihe / Erwin Puchinger.

Poster shows a medieval knight with a shield bearing the Austrian coat of arms, protecting a crouching woman with her child. Swords and/or pikes, some broken, are pointed at the knight. Text: Subscribe to the 5... more

Nur noch kurze Zeit. Deutsche Luftkriegsbeute Ausstellung ... / Max Mandl.

Poster shows a black eagle diving after a bullet-ridden, badly damaged British biplane which is plunging to earth. Text announces, under the title, Now for a short time only, an exhibition of spoils from the ai... more

Gib zur Ludendorff-Spende für Kriegsbeschädigte! Für dich haben sie geblutet! / Bernhard.

Poster urges people to give to the Ludendorff Fund for War Disabled, saying "They have bled for you."

Der eiserner Wehrmann, Königsberg 1915 / Wohlfahrt '15.

Poster shows large statue against a standard on which is the German Imperial crest. Text announces the dedication of an Eiserne Wehrmann (Iron Warrior) to benefit the survivors of fallen soldiers of the First A... more

Hausrat auch gegen Teilzahlung ... / Bernhard.

Poster shows a table, chair, lamp and picture on wall. Accompanying text announces housegoods available, including on installment plans, at the "Hausrat" Gemeinnütze Gesellschaft m.b.H. to spouses of veterans, ... more

Der deutsche Schmied, ein vaterländisches Spiel ... / Louis Oppenheim.

Poster shows a blacksmith with a raised hammer. Text is advertisement for a play to benefit the War Aid, organized by Berlin Military Headquarters. Location, performance days, times, performers and other detail... more

Gib für unsere Helden / Royer/FL.

Poster shows a medieval city gate. Text: Give for our heros! Street collection for the DRK (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz) War Aid Work, 27/28 June. Emblem: the old city gate.

Deutsche Kriegsausstellung ... Ausstellungshallen am Zoo / Orlik.

Poster shows a German soldier standing guard(?) by a collection of military gear and weapons, including a helmet, sword, shield, armor, flag, cannon balls, and a cannon mounted on a caisson. Text announces a wa... more

Volkspende für die deutschen Kriegs-und Zivil-Gefangenen / Ludwig Hohlwein, München.

Poster shows a soldier standing next to prison bars; in background a large red heart. Text: People's Fund for German War and Civil Prisoners.

Helden von der Front, die Heimat grüsst euch! Seid herzlich willkommen! / Ditz.

Poster shows a holy figure with arms extended upwards and wearing a robe decorated with a cross, standing on a pillar with flowers at the bottom. A white halo rings the figure's head. Text: Heroes of the front,... more

Artillerie-Stellungen / AK.

Poster showing a smoking artillerty piece positioned between barrels overlooking a river. Text announces a public display of artillery pieces on the Rennbuckel (Karlsruhe) to raise money for Regiment 50, 1st Ar... more

Spare Seife! ... aber wie? ... / Bernhard.

Poster directing people to save soap and oil and giving suggestions on how to do so. On verso, a request to display the poster in a prominent place.

Die Kunst im Krieg / Scheurich, '16.

Poster shows a large Roman helmet. Text announces an exhibition "Art in War" in Berlin. Location, dates, and entrance fee are given.

Gemälde-Austellung "Unser Kaiser" / A. Karpellus.

Poster shows a woman gazing lovingly at a bust of Kaiser Franz Josef and holding garlands of roses. Text announces an art exhibit to includes 80 original paintings representing various episodes in the Kaiser's ... more

Deutsche Kriegs-Ausstellung ... Leipzig 1916-17 / Erich Gruner.

Poster shows an armor-clad arm holding a sword; in background a red globe. Text announces a war exhibit to aid the Red Cross.

Kriegsausstellung Wien 1916

Poster shows a building. Text announces a war exhibition at the K.K. Prater Kaisergarten.

Sammelt die Obstkerne ... / Gipkens.

Poster shows a little girl with a backpack holding a fruit pit. Text instructs people to save fruit pits and send them to school with their children or to bring them to the next collection site. Poster was issu... more

Exposition de tableaux de maîtres modernes . . . vente au profit de l'oeuvre le vêtement du prisonnier de guerre. Galerie Georges Bernheim

A French soldier (possibly Poulbot) in a prison camp sketching as he watches the other prisoners unload packages, presumably of clothing, as the German guards watch them.

Altonaer Kriegshilfe Blumentag / W. Battermann.

Poster showing two cherubs decorating a German helmet with garlands of flowers. Text: Altona's War Relief Flower Day. Poster also announces opening of the Flower Exhibit at the Kaiserhof.

Zeichnet die fünfte Kriegsanleihe ... Živnostenská Banka in Prag und ihren Filialen!

Poster shows a medieval knight with the Austrian Imperial eagle on his tunic, standing in front of an Austrian banner, with his sword raised as if about to strike. Text tells people to subscribe to the 5th War ... more

Zeichnet vierte österreichische Kriegsanleihe / A. Karpellus.

Poster shows a 16th century soldier holding up a flag with the Austro-Hungarian double-headed Imperial eagle on it. Text: Subscribe to the 4th Austrian War Loan.

Blockade-brecker / A. Rother.

Poster shows explosions on and around a ship. Text is an advertisement (?) for a book about how a blockade runner delivered munitions to Germany's East African soldiers. Prices for bound and unbound editions are given.

Opfertag in Bayern, 1916 / AM.

Poster shows a sword piercing a burning globe of the world. Text announces Offering Day in Bavaria.

Gold zerschlächt Eisen. Bringt eurer Gold zur Goldankaufstelle / Jul Diez.

Poster shows a woman, representing Peace, with a dove on one hand and a golden sheaf in the other. The chain on her ankle has been broken, probably by the golden hammer resting on the anvil to which she had bee... more

Deutsche Kriegsausstellung Hamburg / EP.

Poster shows a stylized German flag(?). Text announces a war exhibition sponsored by the Central Committee of the Association of the German Red Cross and the Hamburg Regional Association of the Red Cross. Locat... more

Württ. Kriegsausstellung, 1916 Stuttgart Mai-September / Cissarz.

Poster shows a sword, with an eagle perched on the hilt, plunged into a mound of earth. Below, a man plows the earth and a woman sows seeds. In the background are flames and smoke from factories. Text announces... more

Volkspende für die deutschen Kriegs-und Zivil-Gefangenen ... / Ludwig Hohlwein, München.

Poster shows a soldier standing next to prison bars; in the background a large red heart. Text: People's Fund for German War and Civil Prisoners. Collection days: July 1 - 7, 1916.

Fünfte Kriegs-Anleihe / Franz Püchingen 1916.

Poster showing soldiers with rifles and bayonets, charging. Text: Fifth war loan.

Kaiser- und Volksdank für Heer und Flotte / F.H. Ehmcke.

Poster shows a kneeling knight with a sword in one hand and a dove of peace in the other. Text declares the Kaiser's and people's gratitude to the Army and Navy.

Gold gab ich zur Wehr, Eisen nahm ich zur Ehr ... / Gipkens nach Hosaeus.

Poster shows silhouette of a kneeling woman (probably modeled on a work by Hermann Hosaeus) holding a jewelry box and offering a gold rosary(?). Text: I gave gold for defense, iron I honored(?). Bring your gold... more

Ausstellung für Kriegsfürsorge, Cöln, August-September 1916; Kriegsbeschädigten-fürsorge, Berufs-Ausbildung und Umbildung / Ilse Hoeltz.

Poster shows two wounded German soldiers, one with arm in a sling, the other with a crutch. Text announces an exhibition in Cologne to raise money for wounded veterans.

Bildnisse und Skizzen aus der Türkei im Weltkrieg / Wilh. Victor Krausz.

Poster for benefit exhibition of pictures of Turkey by Krausz, showing a mosque from a distance.

Pflanzt Öl! Pflanzt Sonneblumen und Mohn, ihr schafft dann Deutsches öl und dient dem Vaterland! ... / Gipkens.

Poster shows a sign, with a song bird perched on it, in a bed of poppies and sunflowers. Text on sign encourages the planting of sunflowers and poppies to produce oil. Seeds and instructions provided by the War... more

Der grosse Krieg, [von] Hanns von Zobeltitz, mit zahlreichen Abbildungen und Karten ... / Ludwig Hohlwein, München.

Poster shows a view of Earth with flames in the eastern hemisphere. Poster is an advertisement for The Great War by Hanns von Zobeltitz, a book with maps and pictures.

Kinderland Wohltätigkeitskonzert

Poster shows a mother holding her young son and an infant. Text is announcement of a charity concert on behalf of Germany's Fund for the Support and Protection of Young Children. Details of concert, including p... more

Sammelt Obstkerne zur Ölgewinnung; nächste Sammelstelle ... / Gipkens.

Poster shows two "men" walking. The bodies are fruit pits dripping oil. Text encourages people to collect fruit pits to extract oil. Locations of the collection places is pasted at bottom of poster. Poster issu... more

Zeichnet die sechste Kriegsanleihe, 1914-1917 / M. Lenz.

Poster shows a knight on horseback, with the Austro-Hungarian banner behind him, slaying a dragon. Text: Subscribe to the 6th War Loan.

Jeder trage heute die Ludendorff-Nadel für Kriegsbeschädigte

Text: Today everyone should wear the Ludendorff-Pin for the war disabled.

Und Ihr? Zeichnet 7. Kriegsanleihe / AR 17.

Poster shows a soldier in a trench holding a grenade. Text: And you? Subscribe to the 7th War Loan at the k.k. pr. Öst. Creditanstalt f.H.u.G.

Jeder zeichne 7. Kriegsanleihe / Arch. Georg Berger, Wien.

Poster shows the Austrian-Hungarian double-headed eagle with a sign 7. Kriegsanleihe around its neck. Text: Everyone subscribe to the 7th War Loan.

Zeichnet die sechste Österreichische kriegsanleihe / W. Kühn, Innsbruck.

Poster showing a soldier with rifle looking into the distance, as a man and horse plow a field in the background. Text: Subscribe to the sixth Austrian war loan.

Zeichne die Kriegsanleihe! Heer und Flotte erwarten es von dir! / Atelier Bernhard.

Poster shows face of German soldier. Text: Subscribe to the war loan! The Army and Navy expect it from you!

Weinachten im Feld! 1917. Spendet Geld und Liebesgaben für unsere Krieger! / AM.

Poster shows a Christmas tree decorated with candles in front of a red cross. Text: Christmas in the field! 1917. Contribute money and gift packages for our warriors!

Zeichnet Kriegsanleihe / K. Sigrist.

Poster shows the head of an eagle over a dove of peace in flight. Text: Subscribe to the War Loan.

Denk on die Ludendorff-Spende für Kriegsbeschädigte / Bernhard.

Poster encouraging contributions to the Ludendorff Fund for War Disabled.

6. Kriegsanleihe! 10. Mai bis 8. Juni 1917 / Wm. Dachauer.

Poster shows a woman and a man, each holding a cornicopia of fruits, flanking a flame. Below, cherubs sit on a bed of flowers. Text announces the sixth war bond drive.

Zeichnet 8. Kriegsanleihe / K. Sterrer.

Poster shows head of a goddess(?) wearing a crown in the shape of a castle or fort. Text: Subscribe to the 8th War Loan. K.K. Priv. Wiener Bank Verein.

Zeichnet die siebente Kriegsanleihe / M. Lenz, 1917.

Poster shows four men, representing various classes of Austrian society - professional, laborer, farmer, and student(?) --, holding a flag pole. Text: Subscribe to the 7th War Loan.

Zeichnet 7. Kriegsanleihe / Th. Fasche.

Poster shows a woman, representing the Austro-Hungarian Empire, holding a flag.Text announces the seventh war bond drive.

Die beste Sparkasse: Kriegsanleihe! / Louis Oppenheim.

Poster shows a hand holding a soldier's helmet into which money is falling. Text: The best savings bank - the War Loan!

Deutsche Volksspende zum Ankauf von Lesestoff für Heer und Flotte / Max Antlers.

Poster shows German soldiers reading books in a trench. Text encourages donations to purchase reading material for the Army and Navy with slogan, "We need books, donate money!".

Der Wutschrei der Feinde, wenn die 8. Kriegsanleihe ein neuer Milliardensieg wird / KS.

Poster shows a figure of a man screaming and tearing his hair. Text: The enemy's cry of rage when the 8th War Loan becomes a new billion-victory!

Die Fahnen flattern hoch im Wind! / Anton Hoffmann, München, '17.

Poster shows German soldiers, one on horseback, advancing into battle with banners and flags, including a Turkish(?) flag. Text: German flags flutter high in the wind! Additional text states that sacrifice at t... more

Kriegsanleihetag der Österreichischen Bühnen / Th. Fasche.

Poster shows faces of Austrian actors. Text: Austrian Theater War Loan Day, May 31, 1917, We all subscribe to the War Loan.

Allgemeine Wäschesammlung 1917 / Griessler.

Poster shows a girl holding a bundle of laundry. Text announces general clothing collection. Location in Vienna is given.

Ausstellung der gewerbl. Kriegsinvaliden Schulen

Poster shows a medieval knight standing behind a laborer. Text announces an exhibition by the Vocational School for War Invalids. Location, times, and entrance fee are given.

Landes-Kriegsfürsorge-Ausstellung / Sujan.

Poster shows a disabled veteran with a prosthetic arm using a scythe to harvest wheat. Text announces the National War Relief Exhibition in Pozsony.

[Ich gehe hinaus an die Front. Hast du die 6. Kriegsanleihe schon gezeichnet?] / MKOLL.

Poster shows a soldier with rifle on shoulder pointing at viewer. Original text (LC's poster has none): I'm going to the Front. Have you subscribed to the 6th War Loan yet?

Der Hias, ein feldgraues Spiel / Ch. Bärmann.

Poster shows a German soldier pointing the way to others silhouetted in background as though emerging from a trench. Poster is advertisement for a popular play by Heinrich Gilardone.

Helft, dass wir den Siegeslorbeer erringen. Zeichnet die Kriegsanleihe / Erich Gruner '17.

Poster shows a woman holding a laurel wreath and army helmet in one arm and a laurel(?) draped sword in the other hand. Text: Help us win the victory crown. Subscribe to the War Loan.

Zeichnet 8. Kriegsanleihe / K. Sterrer.

Poster shows head of a goddess(?) wearing a crown in the shape of a castle or fort. Text: Subscribe to the 8th War Loan. K.K. Priv. Wiener Bank Verein.

Kanin-felle abliefern! an Händler und Zuchtvereine. Das Heer braucht sie! / Gipkens.

Poster shows a rabbit holding a sign in its mouth. Text tells people to turn in their rabbit pelts to traders and breeders; the Army needs them. Collection center, War Pelts (Kriegs-fell) A.G., Leipzig.

Warmes Herz, offene Hand unsern Kriegsbeschädigten! Gib zur Ludendorff-Spende! / Bernhard.

Poster encouraging contributions to the Ludendorff Fund for War Disabled.

Feldgraue Druckkunst. Sondershau der Zeitung der 10. Armee / Fred Hendriok.

Poster shows a soldier holding two Army standards. Text announces an exhibit of armed forces prints, a special exhibit by the 10th Army Newspaper. Location in Vilna and dates are given.

Spar-Prämienanleihe: 10 mal 1,000,000 jährl. Hauptgewinne! / Bernhard.

Poster announces the extension of a premium savings bond(?) until 1:00 pm, Dec. 10th.

So hilft dein Geld dir kämpfen! In U-Boote verwandelt ... zeichne Kriegsanleihe! / Bernhard.

Poster shows the ghost of a sailor with his arm around a soldier. He is pointing to a sinking submarine. Text encourages people to subscribe to the war loan.

Zum Kampf auf's Letzte sind wir herausgefordert! / Anton Hoffmann, München.

Poster shows German men working in a field being threatened by African soldiers as a French officer looks on. Text encourages people to fight to the last since everything would be lost in a French-English victo... more

Frieden ... Kriegsanleihe ... / I. Bohatta.

Poster shows face of a soldier. Poster solicits subscriptions to the 7th Austrian War Loan and gives locations in Vienna where subscriptions can be purchased.

Gesellige Vereinigung Münchner Künstler e.v. Weihnachts Ausstellung zu gunsten der Kriegsinvaliden, für sorge ins besonders Erblindeter ... / A.H. 17.

Poster shows a blind soldier being led by a soldier with his arm in a sling. Text announces a Christmas exhibit to benefit war invalids, particularly the blind. The exhibit is sponsored by the Social Society of... more

Für die Kriegsanleihe!

Poster shows a cherub holding a German army helmet filled with coins. Text: For the War Loan!

Vaterlandsspende, zur Errichtung Deutscher Kriegsbeschädigten Erholungsheime E.V. / Louis Oppenheim.

Poster shows a female figure representing Germany(?), with one hand on a man's shoulder, and the other gesturing toward a seaside resort. Text is solicitation for the Fatherland Fund to build recreation homes w... more

Die neue Kriegsanleihe muss erfolgreich sein, sonst ermutigen wir England weiterzukämpfen! ... / Bernhard.

Text states that the new war loan must be successful if Germany is to be victorious.

Wer ist Sieger? / LO.

Poster shows, on the left, a German soldier standing behind a large shape representing the land mass controlled by the Central Powers; on the right a British (?) soldier with his foot on a tiny piece representi... more