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George Brookshaw

Pomona Britannica or a collection of the most esteemed fruits with the blossoms and leaves, 1812Created by: PICRYLDated: 1812
Apples (White Colville, Red Colville, Norfolk Beefin, Norfolk paradise, Norfolk storing varities).
George Brookshaw (c. 1751-1823), also known as G. Brown, was a notable English painter and illustrator from London.

His early career was spent as a London cabinet-maker specializing in painted furniture, often with floral decorations.

Brookshaw supplementary drawing manuals on fruit, flowers, and birds. His books included Pomona Britannica or a collection of the most esteemed fruits with the blossoms and leaves, 1812 and A New Treatise on Flower Painting, or, Every Lady Her Own Drawing Master, 1818.
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Strawberry varieties: Early scarlet -Late scarlet -Golden-drop - Pine.
Strawberry varieties: Hoboy - Chili strawberry - Scarlet-Alpine - Scarlet-flesh pine.
Wood strawberry - The new early prolific strawberry - White Alpine.
Red and the White Antwerp Raspberries.
Black currant - Dutch red and white currants.
Sixteen varieties of Gooseberry.
May-Duke, the White and Black-heart Cherries.
Early May, Adam's crown and Red-heart cherries.
Bleeding-heart, Ox-heart and Maple-heart cherries.
George the Second's cherry, Groffien or Biggarou and the Harrison's heart cherries.
Tradescant, Millet's and Amber-heart cherries.
Kentish or Flemish, English bearer and Carnation cherries.
Morella, Caroon and and the Cherry introduced by Mr. Reynolds of Brentford.
Cherry, Laurance, French and the Common-Orlean Plums.
Drap d'Or, or Cloth of Gold, White gage, Blue gage and Green gage plums.
Red magnum, Blue perdrigon,  Le Loyal and the White magnum bonum plums.
Semiana, Coe's golden drop, White perdrigon and the [Late Imperial] plums.
Royal Dauphin, Wine sour, Prune, Myrabolan and Carnation plums.
Prune, Common and White damson, and the White imperatrice plums.
Pear, Blue imperatrice (The Empress), Brignole and St. Catherine plums.
White masculine, Red masculine, Orange and Turkey Apricots.
Black, Breda, Brussels and Moor park apricots.
Red nutmeg, Hemskirk, Early Ann and French Vanguard Peaches.
White Avant, Bears red avant, White magdalen and the Red magdalen apricots.
Royal George, Royal Charlotte, and the French Mignonne, or Minion Peaches.
Purple Peach, Peach of Mr. Padley's and the Violette Hative peach.
Early Barrington, Buckingham Minion and the Barrington peaches.
Montauban, Gross minion and the Old royal George peaches.
Millet's minion, Super royal and the Double swalsh peaches.
Gallande, La Teton de Venus and the Noblesse peaches.
Marlborough, Rumbullion, and the Double mountain peaches.
Black peach of Montreal, Cambra and the Moushien's Pacey of Pomperi peaches.
Vermash, Violette Hative, Red Roman, North scarlet, Ell rouge and the Peterborough nectarines.
Bourdine, Nivette, or Bell de Vitry and the Late admirable peaches.
Chancellor, Catherine and the Old Newington peaches.
Duc de Tillees, or Dutilees, Old Brugnon, Brugnon, Murry nectarine and the Newington nectarine.
Claremont, Homerton's white, Ford's black and the Genoa nectarines.
Black Jamaica (Pineapple).
Riply pine.
Brown Havannah pine.
Smooth leaved green Antigua pine.
Black Antigua (jagged leaf) pine.
Raisin de Calmes ((grapes).
Royal muscadine (grapes).
Blue muscadine (grapes).
Black muscadine (grapes).
Morocco grape.
Black Prince.
Muscat of Alexandria (grapes).
White grapes.
Grizzly frontiniac grape.
Red frontianiac grape.
Black frontianiac (grape).
Old St. Peters (Old St. Petre grape).
Black Hamburgh grapes.
Black Hamburgh grape.
Lady Bathurst's Tokay grapes.
The Frankindale grape.
White sweet water grape.
Scarlet flesh Romana melon.
White seeded rock melon.
Scarlet flesh rock melon.
Silver rock melon.
Polinac melon.
Green flesh or Candia melon.
White candia (melon).
Amicua melon.
Filberts and Nuts (scarlet, white, Barcelona, English cob and brown hazle)
Figs (Green Ischia, Red Turkey, Turkey, Brown Malta and the Black Ischia varities).
The pear (Petit muscat, Sweet sugar, Green chissel, Citron de calmes and the Jargonelle varities).
Pears (Catherine, Lemon, Late muscat, Onion, or le Gross Oignonet and the Long stalked blanquet varities).
Pears (Valley, Petit Russelet, Doyenne, or Saint Michael, and the Russselet de Rheims, or Gross Russelet varities).
Pears (Bergamot de Chantilly, Bouchee, Winter sweet sugar and the Bishop's Thumb varities).
Pears (Chaumontelle, Windsor and the Summer bon Chretien varities).
Pears (Saint Germain, Winter swan's egg and the Double blossom varities).
Pears (Brown beurree, Golden beurree and the COlmar varities).
Pears (Michaelmas, or Autumn Bergamot, Summer, Orange and Gansell's bergamots).
Pears (Virgoulle, Striped vert longue, Swan's egg and the Pear d'Auch varities).
Pears (Cressan, Tarlington and the Aster bergamot varities).
Pears (Cadillac, Paddington and the Saint Marshall).
Apples (Pomme d'Apt, Courpendu Blanche, Royal Nonsuch, Margill and the Summer Nonsuch varities).
Apples (Phoenix and the Norroway's beauty varities).
Apples (Striped Holland Pippin, Marygold , Sullenworth Rennet, Saint Germain, Watkin's large dumpling and the Beauty of Kent, or the Flower of Kent varities).
Apples (Robertson's, Blanchard's, Rasberry, Lemon, Aromatic. Fern's, Embroidered and the Spitsburgh Pippins).
Apples (White Colville, Red Colville, Norfolk Beefin, Norfolk paradise, Norfolk storing varities).
Apples (French crab, Mincham's crab, Cockagee, Red streak, Holland berry and the New Town pippin varities).