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Fish Prints NYPL, 1790s

Ichthyology books scans from New York Public Library, 1784 - 1796Created by: PICRYLDated: 2016
Cyprinus Auratus, The Gold-Fish.
Ichthyology books scans from New York Public Library, 1784 - 1796
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Ashburton Sauce... for... soup, game, meat, poultry, wild fowl, fish, etc.

Ashburton Sauce... for... soup, game, meat, poultry, wild fowl, fish, ...

Advertising label for bottle. LOT subdivision subject: Crests/Seals (numismatics)/Signs and symbols. Title and other information transcribed from caption card and item. Copyright by Osborn & Tone. Caption card ... More

The American Brook Trout, Salvelinus fontinalis.
Hybrid Trout -- Cross of the Lake and Brook Trout.
The Weakfish or Squeteague, Cynoscion regale.
Original cover page
Title page.
The Eastern or Banded Pickerel, Lucius reticulatus.
The Blackfish or Tautog, Tautoga onitis.
The Common Bullhead or Horned Pout, Amiurus nebulosus.
The Rock Bass, Ambloplites rupestris.
The Striped Mullet, Mugil brasiliensis.
The Rocky Mountain Whitefish, Coregonus williamsoni.
The Porgee or Scup, Stenotomus chrysops.
The Brown or German Trout, Salmo fario.
The Kern River Trout, Salmo irideus gilberti.
The Spanish Mackerel, Scomberomorus maculatus.
The Mangrove Snapper, Lutjanus griseus.
The Mirror Carp, Cyprinus carpio.
The Unspotted Mascalonge of Wisconsin, Lucius masquinongy.
The Bluefish, Pomatomus saltatrix.
The Cisco of Lake Geneva, Wis., Argyrocomus artedi sisco.
The Sea Bass, Centropristes striatus.
The Montana Grayling, Thymallus signifer montanus.
The Spotted Sea Trout, Cynoscion maculatum.
The Red Drum or Channel Bass, Scioena ocellata.
The Pompano, Trachinotus carolinis.
The Sacramento Pike, Squaw's-fish or Yellow belly, Ptychocheilus oregonensis.
The Spot, or Lafayette, Leiostomus xanthurus.
The Striped Bass, Roccus lineatus.
The Common Sunfish, Eupomotis gibbosus.
The Kingfish, Whiting, or Barb, Mentichirrhus nebulosus.
Echeneis Neucrates, The Sucking-Fish.
Cepola Tænia, The Band-Fish.
Echeneis Remora, The Sucking-Fish.
Habit of a Russian boor that sells live fish in 1765. Marchand de poisson vivant en Russe.
Rescagione con l'amo a fiocina: preparazione del pesce per seccarlo: varie specie di pesci.
Half Title page, vol. 1
Ostracion Bicaudalis, The double-Spiny Trunk-Fish.
Title page, vol. 1
Cyprinus Erythrophthalmus [Erythrophtalmus], The Rud.
Cyprinus Rutilus, The Roach.
Cyprinus Nasus, The Nase-Carp.
Cyprinus Vimba, The Vimba.
Sea weeds; Sargasso; Trombas; flying fish chase.
Cyprinus Dobula, The Dobula.
The flying fish and its enemies of the air and water; a frigot or fork taile; a straw taile; flying fishes; an albicore; a dorado; a dolphin; alcatras; a bonito to the south of the line.
Cyprinus Jeses, The Chub.
Cyprinus Aspius, The Aspius.
1. Cyprinus bipunctatus, The Sperlin; 2. Cyprinus Gobio, The Gudgeon; 3. Cyprinus Amarus, The Bitter-Carp; 4. Cyprinus Alburnus, The Bleak; 5. Cyprinus Phoxinus, The Minow.
Cyprinus Ballerus, The Baller-Carp.
Cyprinus Blicca, The Blicca.
Cyprinus Carassius, The Crucian.
Cyprinus Gibelio, The Gibel.
Cyprinus Brama, The Bream.
Cypirnus Tinca, The Tench.
Common Osprey, Fish Hawk.
Cyprinus Tinca auratus, The Golden Tench.
[Dedication] To the Memory of Thaddeus Norris, the Angler and Seth Green, the Fish Culturist ...
Cyprinus Carpio, The Carp.
Rex Cyprinorum, The Royal-Carp.
Cyprinus Barbus, The Barbel.
De la manière de faire éclorre... Fig. 1-19
Salmo Salar, The Salmon.
Salmo Trutta, The Trut.
Salmo Fario, The Trout.
Salmo Fario, The brown Trout.
Salmo Thymallus, The Grayling.
Salmo Lavaretus, The Gwiniad.
Salmo Thymallus latus, The Broad-Gwiniad.
Salmo Maræna, The  Great-Maræna.
1. Salmo Eperlano-marinus, The Smelt; 2. Salmo Eperlanus, The Lesser Smelt; 3. Salmo Marænula, The Small Maræne.
1. Clupea Harengus, The Herring; 2. Clupea Sprattus, The Sprat.
1. Clupea Alosa, The Schad; 2. Clupea Encrasicolus, The Anchovy.
1. Cobitis Fossilis, The Muddy-Loach; 2. Cobitis Taenia, The Ribban-Loach; 3. Cobitis Bartula, The Bearded-Loach.
Esox Lucio, The Pike.
Esox Belone, The Gar.
Silurus Glanis, The Sheat-fish.
1. Silurus Clarias, The Longbearded; 3. Silurus Ascita, The Crack-Belly.
Cyprinus Idus, The Idus-Carp.
Cyprinus Cultratus, The Knife-Carp.
[Half Title page, vol. 2]
Title page, vol .2
1. 4. Gobius Lanceolatus, The Lancet-Goby; 2. 3. Gobius Niger, The Black Goby.
1. 2. Cottus Gobio, The River Bullhead; 3. 4.  Cottus Cataphractus, The Armed Bullhead.
17. The Red-tailed Buzzard (Buteo borealis). 18. The Fish Hawk (Pandion carolinensis).
Zeus Faber, The Doree.
Pleuronectes Platessa, The Plaise.
Pleuronectes Rhombus, The Pearl.
Pleuronectes Flesus, The Flounder.
Pleuronectes Solea, The Sole.
Pleuronectes Limanda, The Dab.
Pleuronectes Hippoglossus, The Holybut.
Pleuronectes Argus, The Argus-Flounder.
Pleuronectes maximus, The Turbot.
Pleuronectes Passser, The Left-Flounder.
Perca Lucioperca, The Picke-Perch.
Perca Fluviatilis, The Perch.
1. Gasterosteus Spinachia, The Fifteen-Spined Stickleback; 2. Perca Cernua, The Ruffe; 3. Gasterosteus Aculeatus, The Stickleback;  4. Gasterosteus Pungitius, The lesser Stickleback.
Scomber Scomber, The Mackrel.
Fish at Sierra Leona; Bekune; Monk; Pilchar; Trezhar or Thresher; Banana.

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