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Confederate Army Portraits

The American Civil War was a civil war in the United States fought from 1861 to 1865. The Union faced secessionists in eleven Southern states grouped together as the Confederate States of America.
The Confederate States Army was the military ground force of the Confederate States. Many Army's records have been destroyed, army soldiering was not a constant occupation - it was not unusual for soldiers to take a leave of absence to tend to their farms. It is a fair estimate, however, that soldiers counted between 750,000 to one million total. The Confederacy's volunteer or recruited soldiers were from many ethnic groups. Under the commands of Robert E. Lee and Samuel Cooper, soldiers of the Confederacy lived by the Motto “Deo Vindice” (God will vindicate us).
[Five unidentified prisoners of war in Confederate uniforms in front of their barracks at Camp Douglas Prison, Chicago, Illinois]
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[Soldier in Confederate uniform with state of Virginia buttons]

Photograph shows soldier tentatively identified as Solomon Cox of Wytheville, Virginia. (Source: Seth Goodhart, 2014)

[Thomas Isaiah Booker in Confederate uniform with Colt navy revolver, book, tin drum canteen, and sign reading Jeff Davis and the South!]

Photo shows identified soldier from Louisiana from either Co. D, 8th Louisiana Cavalry Regiment; Co. B, 28th Louisiana Infantry Regiment, or Co. B, 29th Louisiana Infantry Regiment.

[Unidentified soldier in Confederate officer's uniform with sword and framed photograph]

Photo shows officer with photograph of man with top hat possibly from Quinby's Charleston studio.

Mrs. Ridgley Brown

Photograph shows Mrs. Ridgley (or Ridgely?) Brown, possibly the wife of Lieutenant Colonel Ridgely Brown of Co. K, 1st Virginia Cavalry Regiment, and Co. A, 1st Maryland Cavalry Battalion, holding 11-star Confe... more

[Lieutenant William Sharpe Barnes, F Company, 4th North Carolina Infantry in frock coat]

Photograph shows identified soldier, William Sharpe Barnes, who enlisted in 1861 as a corporal.

[Sergeant William T. Belew of Company H, 57th Virginia Infantry Regiment]

Photo shows identified soldier in Confederate uniform.

[Private Parris P. Casey of Company I, "Cherokee Rangers," 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment, with bayoneted musket]

Photograph shows identified soldier, Parris Pace Casey (1839-1863). (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2012 and 1860 U.S. Federal Census, Ancestry.com)

[Private David Bowman of Company I, 7th Virginia Cavalry Regiment, or Private Michael Bowman of Company B and Company H, 7th Virginia Cavalry Regiment, in uniform with knife]

Photograph shows soldier partially identified as David Bowman, ca. 1830-1883, or Michael Bowman, ca. 1842-1892; two manuscripts found with photograph.

[Private Edward A. Cary of Company I, 44th Virginia Infantry Regiment, in uniform and his sister, Emma J. Garland née Cary]

Photograph shows identified soldier and woman; manuscript found with photograph. More information is in "Glimpses of Soldiers' Lives," http://www.loc.gov/rr/print/coll/SoldierbiosCary.html

[Captain Augustus C. Thompson of Co. G, 16th Georgia Infantry Regiment with sword]

Photo shows soldier believed to be identified as Augustus C. Thompson.

[Private Henry Augustus Moore of Co. F, 15th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, with artillery short sword and sign reading Jeff Davis and the South!]

Photograph shows identified soldier who died from wounds suffered in the Vicksburg Campaign in 1863.

[Private William Baxter Ott of Co. I, 4th Virginia Infantry Regiment, in uniform with musket]

Photograph shows identified soldier killed at the 1st Battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861.