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American Carriages

American Carriages. 2000+ Design Drawings. 1850 - 1870.Created by: PICRYLDated: 1860
Design for Brougham, no. 3359
Brewster & Company was an American custom carriage-maker and automobile coachbuilder founded by James Brewster in 1810 and active for almost 130 years. The company started in New Haven, Connecticut.

Brewster carriages began to get noticed, and he opened up a showroom and warehouse on Broad St. in New York City.

In 1883, Henry's 17-year-old son William joined his business. After traveling about Europe to see and learn from the finest coachbuilders, William came home with a discerning eye, making the Company a "Carriage Builder for the American Gentleman."

Brewster & Company is also known for bodywork on an electric car in 1896, and on a gasoline-powered Delaunay-Belleville in 1905. Between 1915-1925 Brewster & Company produced a line of expensive automobiles in Long Island City.
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