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Blocks: History

A south east view of the great town of Boston in New England in America.
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The tomb-stone

Print shows several men, George Grenville, Lord Bute, the Duke of Bedford, and, as a small dog wearing clerical robes, Dr. W. Scott, labeled "AntiSejanus", dancing on a sarcophagus with bas-reliefs of "Britanni... more

The statue, or the adoration of the wise-men of the west

Print shows Dr. W. Scott on a pedestal, he is wearing clerical robes, a crown fashioned from tobacco leaves, and holding a branch from an apple tree in his right hand and a picture of the tax stamp; around the ... more

Common-wealth - the colossus

Print shows William Pitt walking on stilts; the right stilt, labeled "Sedition", points to New York, the left, labeled "Popularity", is firmly planted in London. He uses one crutch, labeled "Pension", for suppo... more

The massacre perpetrated in King Street Boston on March 5th 1770, ...

Print shows British troops firing on citizens in Boston.

The Parlmt. dissolved, or, the Devil turn'd fortune teller / design'd & engrav'd by G. Terry, Paternoster Row.

Print shows Lord North and another minister with the Devil who has conjured a Native male figure, representing America, standing on a prostrate soldier and holding a building, representing Parliament, from whic... more

A new method of macarony making, as practised at Boston

Print shows two men with a tarred and feathered customs officer, they are forcing him to drink from a large teapot. The man has a short piece of rope around his neck which may have been attached to the piece of... more

Elevation of a sling cart [and] plan of a sling cart

Print shows two views of a "sling cart."

Amunition waggon

Print shows the elevation and plan of an amunition wagon with view of undercarriage and axels.

Combat memorable entre le Pearson et Paul Jones / Richard Paton pinxit ; gravé par Balth. Frederic Leizel [sic].

Vue d'optique showing naval battle during Revolutionary War between John Paul Jones of the Bonhomme Richard and Capt. Richard Pearson of the British naval vessel Serapis, Sept. 22, 1779.

Elevation of a truck-carriage [and] plan of a truck carriage

Print shows two views of a "Truck carriage."

Anticipation; or, the contrast to the royal hunt / Britons fact.

Print shows the restoration of England under the new ministry; the pillars that supported the Temple of Fame are being righted and put back in place; a soldier with sword in hand protects a Native, representing... more

War of posts / T. Colley, fect.

Print shows the new ministers, Pitt, Keppel, Conway, Burke, Fox, and Richmond riding on wooden posts and cannon drive, with the aid of a devil, the old ministers, Nick, Sandwich, Amherst, North, and Mansfield i... more

Adml. Kempenfelt

Print shows Admiral Richard Kempenfelt (1718-1782), head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly left, wearing uniform, in oval on pedestal with nameplate.

A view of St. John's, upon the River Sorell, in Canada, with the redoubts, works, &c. taken in the year 1776, during the late war in America

Print shows a view looking across the Richelieu River at St. John, a cluster of buildings and fortifications used by the British.

Perspective view of the country between Wilmington and the Delaware - taken from the hill S.W. of the academy

Print shows panoramic view of farms and farmland with the Delaware River in the background.

A s.w. view of the Baptist Meeting House, Providence, R.I. / S. Hill sculp.

Print shows exterior view of Baptist meeting house.

[Title page ornament] / C.W. Peale delt. ; Thackara & Vallance sculpt.

Print of ornament on the title page of the Universal Asylum and Columbian Magazine shows a female figure representing America sitting amid abundance while enjoying the prosperity of peace.

Battle of Lexington / E. Tisdale delt. ; C. Tiebout sculpt.

Print shows Minute Men firing on the British in Lexington, Massachusetts.

The Tory's day of judgment / E. Tisdale, del et sculpt.

Illustration shows colonists preparing to tar and feather a loyalist seated on the ground as another loyalist hangs from from a gallows with a rope around his waist .

A New method of Macarony making as practised at Boston / copied on stone by D. C. Johnston from a print published in London 1774.

Print shows two American revolutionaries tarring and feathering the tax collector. In the background, a gallows.

The Bostons paying the excise-man or tarring & feathering / copied on stone by D. C. Johnston from a print published in London 1774.

Print shows a mob pouring tea into the mouth of a Loyalist who has been tarred and feathered. Behind the group, on the right, is the "Liberty Tree" from which hangs a noose and a sign "Stamp Act" written upside... more

Jefferson Davis, first president of the new Southern Confederacy / photographed by Brady.

Jefferson Davis, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right, framed by wreath of corn, tobacco, and flowers.

President's car, Alexandria

Photograph shows the president's rail car at the Alexandria station. Photograph probably taken in Jan. The car was later used as Lincoln's funeral car.

Puck's own Yorktown celebration / J. Keppler.

Print shows Puck sitting on a wooden cut-out Pegasus reviewing a procession of soldiers, among whom are John A. Logan, Roscoe Conkling carrying a flag labeled "Third Term", Joseph W. Keifer, William M. Evarts, ... more

[Colonel Robert Shaw, sitting, facing right] / Whipple, 96 Washington Street, Boston .

Photograph shows a three-quarter-length portrait of Col. Robert G. Shaw.

Yankee volunteers marching into Dixie / J.H. Bufford's lith., Boston.

Music cover showing a patriotic but fanciful portrayal of Union forces marching on the South at the opening of the Civil War. Led by a blue-uniformed officer with a drawn sword, a large troop of men march forwa... more

Home Insurance Company, cash assets $6,000,000, March / Kronheim & Co., 9 Dey Street, New York.

Print on recto shows calendar from the Home Insurance Company almanac, March 1876, with illustration of Faneuil Hall in Boston; description of the role of Faneuil Hall in the American Revolution on verso.

[Colonel Robert G. Shaw, half-length portrait, facing right] / Whipple, 96 Washington Street, Boston.

Photograph shows an oval portrait of Col. Robert Shaw, 54th Massachusetts Colored Volunteers Infantry.

[Antietam, Md. Allan Pinkerton, President Lincoln, and Maj. Gen. John A. McClernand; another view]

Photograph from the main eastern theater of the war, Battle of Antietam, September-October 1862.

[Antietam, Md. Allan Pinkerton, President Lincoln, and Maj. Gen. John A. McClernand; another view]

Photograph from the main eastern theater of the war, Battle of Antietam, September-October 1862.

[Washington, D.C. President Lincoln's box at Ford's Theater]

Photograph of Washington, 1862-1865, the assassination of President Lincoln, April-July 1865.

Assasination of President Lincoln, George A. Atzerolt [i.e. Atzerodt], one of the conspirators

Photograph shows George A. Atzerodt, half-length portrait, seated, facing right.

The Bostonians in distress

Print shows Bostonians held captive in a cage suspended from the "Liberty Tree." Three British sailors standing in a boat feed them fish from a basket labeled "To -- from the Committee of --" in return for a b... more

[Antietam, Md. President Lincoln with Gen. George B. McClellan and group of officers]

Photograph from the main eastern theater of the war, Battle of Antietam, September-October 1862. 1. Col. Delos B. Sacket, I.G. 2. Capt. George Monteith. 3. Lt. Col. Nelson B. Sweitzer. 4. Gen. George W. Mor... more