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USS Texas (1892)

The First Battleship TexasCreated by: PICRYLDated: 2016
U.S.S. Texas, tompion of 12-inch gun made of metal from Vizcaya, recording engagements of Texas in Spanish War
USS Texas was the first American battleship commissioned and the first ship named in honor of the state of Texas to be built by the United States. Texas was meant to incorporate the latest developments in naval tactics and design.
However, due to the state of U.S. industry at the time, Texas's building took six years, and by the time she was commissioned, she was already out–of–date, developed a reputation as a jinxed or unlucky ship after several accidents and consequently earned the nickname "Old Hoodoo". These mishaps included problems during construction, flooding. She became the station ship in Charleston, South Carolina by 1908 and was renamed San Marcos in 1911 to allow her name to be used by a new battleship. She became a target ship that same year and was sunk in shallow water in the Chesapeake Bay.
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Mascots of the battleship TEXAS and 13 in. gun

Mascots of the battleship TEXAS and 13 in. gun

Sailors with cat on barrel of gun and dog inside the barrel. Stereo copyrighted by R.Y. Young (American Stereoscopic Company). No copyright renewal. This record contains unverified data from caption card.