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Bathing Beauties

In 1860s, a bathing outfit could weigh as much as 20 pounds and cover up as much as the full street dress. Later, lighter-weight version features a knee-length gored skirt that buttons over a one-piece romper, topped off with a jaunty cap appeared. By the end of the 19th-century people were flocking to the oceanside beaches for popular seaside activities such as swimming, surf bathing, and diving. A need for a new style bathing suit that retained modesty but was free enough to allow the young lady to engage in swimming was obvious.
By 1910 bathing suits no longer camouflaged the contours of the female body. The yards of fabric used in Victorian bathing skirts and bloomers were reduced to show a little more of the figure and to allow for exposure to the sun.
[On the beach, Atlantic City, N.J.]
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Bathing ...by Beechams

Dressed in the popular ''sailor suits'', the children in this photograph seem to be enjoying themselves in the waves. Behind them are the wheeled bathing huts, which judging by the large advertising boards tha... more

Pictorial post card, Miss Annette Kellermann, Champion Lady Swimmer and Diver of the World

More about Annette Kellerman: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annette_Kellerman ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annette_Kellerman ) ..Format: Photograph..Find more detailed information about this photographic collection: ... more

Bathing suit

The 1860s and 1870s saw the revival of a number of historical periods in dress. Classical references were apparent in the appearance of laurel swags, wave meanders, and Greek-key bands on such categories of app... more

Leaning against a dory, c. 1880s

View of three women and four children at the beach,.sitting and leaning on a dory. Beach unknown. c. 1880s...Image number: F4802

Alfred Rogers (Grocer)

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3465 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3465 ) .. Subject (TGM): Tobacco products; Blind persons; Beaches; Seas; Bathing suits; Grocery stores;

Umbrellas at Jetties Beach, c. 1890s

A large crowd at Jetties beach, both spectators and swimmers. Many umbrellas are in view and one carriage is parked on the beach. c. 1890s...Image number: GPN4279

Jetties Beach, c. 1890s

Cyanotype of crowd at Jetties Beach. c. 1890s...Image number: P10301

Beach and bathers south from the pier, Atlantic City, N. J.

Photograph shows a crowded beach with individuals dressed in bathing suits wading and swimming in the ocean; others fully dressed and walk along the beach's edge or are clustered in groups near shops on pier.

Ah there! Coney Island

Five bathing beauties posed on beach.

The three graces, Atlantic City, N.J.

Stereograph showing three young women at the beach, posing together wearing bathing suits, wading in the water.

A jolly crowd, Atlantic City, N.J.

Stereograph showing large group of men and women in bathing suits mugging for photographers while wading in the ocean near the beach.

Harper's July

Man in swim suit standing in water at beach.

Heartbreakers along the seashore

Two women and man standing ankle-deep in water.

Vacation sports at the seaside

Stereograph shows women in bathing suits striking poses on the beach at Coney Island.

On the Beach, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Crowd on beach, some in surf; boardwalk in background; pier in distant background.

Bathing Beauties at Jetties Beach, c. 1900s

Group of four women and one man in bathing costumes, at Jetties Beach. c. 1900s.

Crowd at Jetties Beach, c. 1900s

Crowds at Jetties Beach, with a few people in bathing costumes. Note the baby carriage in the center of the image. c. 1900s...Image number: P3498

Jetties Beach, 1900s

Jetties Beach with a crowd onshore and in the water. Photographer: Henry S. Wyer. c. 1900s...Image number: P15979

Red Rover?, c. 1900s

Boys and young men in the water at Jetties Beach. c. 1900s...Image number: F13

On the beach

Photograph shows portrait of young woman wearing turn-of-the-century bathing suit, posed holding unidentifiable product.

On the beach

Two girls wearing bathing clothing, posed in front of beach backdrop.

"In the good old summer time" at Coney Island

Stereograph showing beach goers, in swimsuits, wading in the water by holding onto rope.