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Apocalypsis Manuscripts, 1425 - 1450

Apocalypsis Manuscripts, 1425 - 1450Created by: PICRYLDated: 2016
Fourth vision: people kneel before the beast from the sea; God watches as the beast from sea kills soldiers. (Apoc. 13:5)
Apocalypse Manuscripts, 1425 - 1450
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Second vision: the Lamb of God surrounded by angels, and adored by the elders.
Second vision: the Lamb of God surrounded by angels, and adored by the elders.
First vision: John writes his text while on the island of Patmos; the Son of Man, with sword in his mouth, amongst the seven candlesticks; angels with the seven churches.
Second vision: an angel shows John a vision of God in majesty, with symbols of the four evangelists, as the elders kneel in adoration.
Third vision: John sees the third and fourth rider, each on a differently colored horse; the fourth issues forth from a hellmouth.
Third vision: with the opening of the fifth seal, the souls of the martyrs under the altar cry out and receive white robes; with the sixth seal, stars fall from the sky, and naked peoples of the earth try to hide in caves in the mountains.
Third vision: angels hold back the four winds by covering the winds' blowing mouths; throngs, holding the palm branches of martyrdom, shout praise to the Lord.
Fourth vision: God seated in glory with angels to either side, proclaims salvation; the archangel Michael fights the 7-headed dragon as devils are hurled by other angels from the sky. (Apoc. 12:7-12)
Fourth vision: the woman of the Apocalypse receives her crown from an angel and then flies to the mountains; the dragon spews water from his mouth in attempt to drown her. (Apoc. 12:1-6, 13-16)
Fourth vision: angels battle against the crowned beast from the sea; the beast, without crowns, blasphemes God for forty two months.
Fourth vision: beast from the sea and the two-horned beast from the earth who gives the scepter to the first beast; men and women worship the first beast. (Apoc. 13:11-12)
Fourth vision: people kneel before the beast from the sea; God watches as the beast from sea kills soldiers. (Apoc. 13:5)
Fifth vision: the two-horned beast instructs people to worship the beast from the sea; those who refuse are slain.
Fifth vision: all who worship the beast, including the rich and the lame (one with a dog), are marked on foreheads and hands; to honor the Lamb, the saved sing a new song, here "ihesu criste nostra salus" with musical notation.
Fifth vision: an angel announces judgment to men of many categories of life; another angel points to the city of Babylon falling to pieces.
Sixth vision: John sees seven angels with the seven plagues in jars, and seven angels holdings harps, and standing on a sea of glass shot through with fire.
Sixth vision: one of the four living creatures (here as the lion of St. Mark) hands out vials containing seven plagues to angels; an angel pours out the first plague causing malignant sores to the bearers of mark.
Sixth vision: an angel pours out the second vial and the sea is filled with drowned men; an angel pours out the third vial turning the waters into blood; John listens as angels announce the judgment of God.
Sixth vision: an angel pours out the fourth vial on the sun, causing it to burn the people; an angel pours the fifth vial on the throne of the beast, and people bite their tongues in agony.
Sixth vision: an angel pours out the sixth vial on the Euphrates and dries the river; with the seventh vial, foul spirits, like frogs, come from the mouths of the dragon, the beast and the false prophet..
Sixth vision: as an angel pours the seventh vial into the air, a voice from the temple announces the end of time; cities split into parts and huge hailstones rain down on men. (Apoc. 16:17-21)
Sixth vision: John sees birds feeding on the vanquished and the battle between the armies of the beast and those of the White Rider. (Apoc. 19:17-18)
Sixth vision: John witnesses the defeat of the beast and the false prophet who are thrown into hell, where the birds feed on them; an angel, with key and chain, locks the beast in prison for a thousand years. (Apoc. 19:20-21)
Sixth vision: an angel shows John the great harlot; John, depicted as if a small child carried by the angel, sees the bedizened harlot mounted on the beast with seven heads and ten horns. (Apoc. 17:1-4)
Seventh vision: an angel from heaven points to the destruction of Babylon; another angel takes up a stone, as it were a great millstone, and hurls it into the sea. (Apoc. 18:2-21)
Seventh vision: the first resurrection of those who had been beheaded for the sake of God; the judges seated on a throne; one thousand years later, the final defeat of Satan and the armies of Gog and Magog. (Apoc. 20:4-10)
Seventh vision: a hellmouth containing the devil, the beast and the false prophet; God enthroned with open book judging all the dead, some of whom remain in hell, while others, with books around them, are listed in the roll of the living. (Apoc. 20:11-12)
Eighth vision: John watches as the new Jerusalem is sent by God from heaven; an angel has carried John to a mountain where he shows John the holy city. (Apoc. 21:1-11)
Eighth vision: as John watches, God in heaven sends a flowing river through the city of Jerusalem; John attempts to worship an angel who instead points to God. (Apoc. 22:1-9)
Eighth vision: John hears the vast throng shouting; Christ in Majesty with four beasts, angels and elders; wedding feast laid out on a table, on which the Lamb stands. (Apoc. 19:1-8)
Eighth vision: John writes on a scroll of the wedding feast of the Lamb; John at the feet of the angel; the Rider on a white horse, with a sword issuing from his mouth at the head of the armies of heaven; the Rider in the winepress. (Apoc. 19:9-16)
Eighth vision: Christ tells John that he is Alpha and Omega; John returns to Ephesus; the raising of Drusiana. (Apoc. 22:13-21)
Eighth vision: John returns from travels; John changes sticks and stones into gold and jewels; John destroyes the temple of Diana.