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PICRYL is a public domain search & similarity engine. Picryl is a media source you can use to find images, documents, and references. Find millions of public domain files from hundreds of sources: all in one place. Discover collections of historical moments and public figures. Explore topics and places, travel back in time, and witness historical events. Download high-resolution copyright-free images, order high-quality prints, and merchandise. Use AI neural networks to find and enhance hidden gems to use in the creation of artworks, presentations, HD videos, and large prints.

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Gain insights into public domain media's cultural and historical context by exploring their geographical origins. Powerful AI Media Mapping delivers more results on each click, zoom, and drag action. Picryl is an excellent resource for educators, researchers, and anyone interested in the world's visual history.

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Content is identified as "Public Domain" or "No known copyright restrictions" when Get Archive LLC, creator of PICRYL, is unaware of any copyright restrictions on its use in the U.S. This may mean that: (1) a copyright existed at one time but was not renewed, or the copyright may have expired, or the owner may have intentionally placed the Content into the public domain; or (2) the Content was never eligible for copyright protection because it was created by an employee of the United States as part of his or her official duties, or (3) there are no copyright markings or other indications on the Content to indicate that it was copyrighted or otherwise restricted; or (4) Get Archive LLC records do not indicate any evidence of copyright restrictions. These facts indicate that no evidence has been found to show that copyright restrictions apply. See Terms for more information.

Usage Exceptions

The media identified as "public domain" or "public domain dedication" may be used freely for almost any purpose, in digital or printed format with the following exceptions: (1) Identifiable people may not appear in a bad light or in a way that they may find offensive unless they give their consent. If there is a recognizable person in your photo and you want to make it available for commercial use, a model release is required. (2) Do not suggest endorsement of products, services, etc. by depicted people or organizations. (3) There is a difference between the Commercial use of public domain media vs. Editorial use.